Path to 100K Monthly Page Views | July 2020

July made me more optimistic about my journey to 100K monthly page views. I put more effort behind the blog as well as my newsletter and it took off!

100K monthly page views

Key changes from June

  • I published 9 new posts in July
  • Posted to Tailwind consistently
  • Sent out 1 newsletter per week

I managed to keep all of this up while The Marketing Greenhouse was busy – YAY!

Prior Blog Traffic Reports

Blog Traffic Report Numbers

100k monthly page views

In July, I had 9,085 page views (+42% vs. last month)

What I’ve realized is that my top 5 posts drive at least 80% of my traffic for the month.  However, my new posts generate that extra 20%, which is important.  Also, 3-4 months after a post is live, it seems to really gain traffic for me.  At this rate, I’m hoping to break 100K monthly page views by late spring or early summer next year.

I also started a content calendar last month, which I’ve included in my new online course.  It’s helping me to be more strategic about what I’m posting and when.  A plan is also helping to batch work.  I have found with any component of owning your own business, creating a formula is key to making consistent, value-added content.  So far, the tricks to growing are consistency and Pinterest.

Top July Blog Posts:

August Goals:

My goal is to start writing ahead in August, which will then let me schedule my newsletters in advance.  More importantly, I want to break 10,000 pageviews this month!!  Will you help me?  You can sign up for my newsletter on the sidebar or at the bottom of the blog.

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