3 Tips for Seamless Small Business Growth with Justworks

While starting a business is certainly a hurdle, unlocking a strategy for seamless small business growth is often more challenging.  Luckily, there are tools like Justworks to make it easier. I went full-time with blogging in 2018 and then started The Marketing Greenhouse in 2020.  

Particularly launching a business with a co-founder with ambitions to grow a team was a new challenge for me, and I was delighted to discover Justworks (here).  When we launched The Marketing Greenhouse, we knew we had ambitions to grow the team.  It was just a matter of when and how.  Finding access to health insurance for yourself and your employees is often complicated and confusing.

I often give myself a similar pep talk that I give to all of my clients — just get started and take it one step at a time.  With that, I’ve prepped three tips for seamless small business growth. 

This post is sponsored by Justworks, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 


1. Build a foundation with the future in mind

There is an art to starting a business. The key is to not over-invest in setup while still building for the future.  It’s a tall order for entrepreneurs and their teams. While you’re focused on the short term, it’s important to build with long term ambitions in mind.

One of the ways you can do this is by asking a business consultant or someone in your field for advice. I frequently tell clients that when you start a business, you are either investing significant time or money.  

If you have the time, starting your business as a side hustle is a great way to avoid over-investing.  

It’s also important to build templates and tools that keep all information organized from financials to hr tools to strategies to branding documents.  Etsy is one of my favorite places to look for business templates. 

2. Set aspirational yet realistic goals

Whether it’s a product or service, one of the ways my business partner, Jessie, and I have demystified growth is by setting realistic goals and a clear growth strategy.

It’s so important to understand the ultimate goal of your business and the three key strategies to get the business there over time.  

Once you are able to answer those two questions, it’s possible to break goals out by year, quarter, month and week.  Staying focused is key to forward momentum

3. Invest in tools for growth like Justworks 

Research your next step and invest in companies that make small business growth seamless.  Justworks is a great tool for payroll, benefits, and HR and compliance support all in one place. Small businesses can access things like big company benefits typically reserved for larger businesses.

Their mission is simple.  Justworks seeks to help entrepreneurs and businesses grow with confidence.  How inspiring is that?  Justworks offers a simple and friendly platform with 24/7 expert support and access to corporate-level benefits.  

When I signed up for more information, a team member reached out to me the same day to help with getting started.  It’s support like that that makes small business growth seamless.  

Small business owners need all of the support they can get.  That’s why Justworks is so great — they offer all-in-one support for small business growth.  My favorite perks of the simple and easy Justworks system include: 

  • Automated payroll that save time 
  • Simplified access to attractive benefits and perks to take better care of your team, their families, and your own family, too
  • Compliance support based on your business requirements 
  • 24/7 support team to avoid headaches and get customer service help when you need it – whenever you need it

How to know when it’s time to level up

Knowing when it’s time to invest for small business growth can be challenging.  When you hit a pain point repeatedly, it’s time to start researching the next level.  Before or once the pain point costs you time that costs you money, it’s time to level-up. 

As a simple example, let’s say you can charge $100 per hour for your services; however, you’re spending 5 hours a week on administrative tasks.  Instead of spending 5 hours a week, outsource that time for $25 per hour and take on more project work, which you probably enjoy more, too!  

The bottom line is simple. If it’s time to research or level up, check out Justworks.  Click this link to sign up and get your first month free and start running your business with more confidence today!

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