3 Ways to Find Innovation Inspiration

Finding innovation inspiration is a fun exercise that’s a bit tricker during COVID.  We are all a bit fatigued with the constant state of affairs.  If you’re like me, creative energy is running lower than normal.  I found unplugging from normal routine allows me to get creative and find the innovation inspiration I need.innovation inspiration

1. Unwind and read a book

One thing I’ve noticed in 2020 is it’s hard to unwind.  There’s constant noise on the news and it’s emotionally and mentally exhausting.  I was gifted Jim McKelvey’s new book The Innovation Stack and was sucked in instantly.  Jim has a way of sharing the trials and tribulations of an entrepreneur in a fun and entertaining way.  It’s almost written like a thriller that borderline turns the pages for you.

Innovation is such a creative yet scientific place.  I find an innovative person understands how to pivot quickly. They are comfortable being known as ‘a little crazy.’ Jim’s story shares how he started Square, which as we all know now, transformed the industry. It’s a great read because he shares the qualities successful companies exhibit with fascinating case studies.

I often find these wild stories inspiring because I can relate tidbits to my own entrepreneurial journey.

2. Take a long walk and observe people

Innovation means understanding a human’s behavior before they understand it.  When I’m looking for innovation inspiration, I’ll often go for a long walk and just watch people.  I’ll sit on a park bench and see how they interact soaking in their energy and behavior.  I bring a little notebook with me to scribble down thoughts (your phone works, too!).  I find it unlocks inspiration for me.

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3. Scroll Instagram or Pinterest through a specific lens

OK, this seems like a strange one, right?  I promise, it’s not.  I don’t recommend scrolling without purpose, but seeking out thought leaders where you need innovation inspiration.  There are a few businesswomen that I love.  When I’m trying to innovate on something new for my business, I’ll often head to their Instagram page and analyze what I’m loving about their content.  Is it the words?  Graphics?  How they are composing it overall?  It’s important not to slip into the comparison game here and solely seek innovation inspiration.

How do you look for inspiration? 

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