60 Days to Find Our Future Chicago Home

If you’ve been following along, you know Matt & I are on the hunt to find our future Chicago home.  While it felt like a setback to lose in a bidding war, I’m certain it was a blessing in disguise.  Buuuut, it’s getting real.  Our lease is up at the end of summer.  Knowing how long it takes to close, we have roughly two months to find a house before we need to re-sign or plan on re-renting somewhere.

Between our agent’s listings and Redfin, we’re stalking all listings we can find.  However, we have not found the right spot quite yet.  Truthfully, I’ve been struggling with the balance of ‘what else do you want’ and ‘don’t settle until it feels right.’  I see places that seem ‘good enough’ and feel confused.  How picky should we be?

Our Future Chicago Home Wishlist

  • Strong local school
  • Walkability score above 75
  • Easy parking
  • Space for a home office (3+ bedrooms)
  • Some updates necessary to make it our own

So what’s the plan?

Well, we’re going to keep looking.  In the meantime, I’m changing my mindset.  I’ve been crazed trying to find the right home since I decided not to resign the lease for the studio.  All of that furniture needs a home.  Since it won’t be our future home [yet], I’ve partnered with MakeSpace to help us in the interim.

Putting the studio furniture in storage, made me realize I could clean out our condo, too!  I’m going to spend the next month ‘right-sizing’ our condo to put things away that we don’t use every day.  Since MakeSpace is so easy to work with, it makes it an easy decision.

More about MakeSpace

If you haven’t heard about their service, let me tell you, it’s pretty awesome.  MakeSpace is a storage facility with movers & moving crates.  Through their website, you can easily book movers to come to your home, pick up your items and store it.  When you want it back, simply schedule a delivery date.  It’s literally that easy. They take photos of all of your belongings so it’s clearly documented, too!

Chatting with MakeSpace has actually made me re-frame my thinking on storage and how much space I need in a home.  I’ve been fixated on trying to find a home that has ample storage; however, I’m not sure if we need that now.  We have MakeSpace.  Christmas tree storage?  MakeSpace!  Think about it… I can easily store all of my Christmas decor with the company and have it delivered around Thanksgiving.  Let me tell you, this might end quite a few squabbles in the Herrmannito household about too much decor, ha!  While I’m not positive I’ll use the service this way, I’m definitely going to test it while we wait for that future home…


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