The Best Clean Snacks for Kids

The Best Clean Snacks

I’ve made a conscious effort to improve our eating at home and finding the best clean snacks has been a huge part of it.  We started working with a health coach in the fall, and she’s been immensely helpful.  Also, finding the right places to order helps, too! I became a Thrive Market member and instantly fell in love.  They have a great system for one-off or auto shipments with tons of clean brands.  You can use my Thrive Market code for 40% off your first order.  I also find many of the brands on Amazon, too.

Cerebelly Smart Bars

best clean snacks

Emmie has always been a fan of Cerebelly Smart Bars, which she affectionately calls Peppa Pig Bars.  We used to buy them at Whole Foods, but I found I can easily get them delivered with Thrive Market.  They’re also available on Amazon.  I love that they taste great, but are no sugar added and have 15 brain-supporting nutrients.

Blake’s Seed Based Rice Crispy Treats

best clean snacks

While they’re not allergen friendly, these treats are delicious!  I’m hyper-conscious of allergies because we have a family member that we need to be super careful with.  However, if you’re not allergic to seeds or chickpeas, these taste like the rice crispy treats we loved from the ’90s.  The sprinkles on top are the perfect addition that it cues dessert, so it’s always our special snack or dessert.  I found them on Thrive Market, too.

YumEarth Organic Fruit Snacks

best clean fruit snacks

I don’t know who loves these more — Emmie or me!  I’m always sneaking packs of them, ha!  These fruit snacks are DELICIOUS!!  They might be my favorite snack-go to when I’m snacking with the kids.  We have the nanny share at our house weekly and go through so many snacks, so I order 3 packs for the month and have it on autoship to save 10% with Thrive Market.


clean popcorn

I’m late to the party here, but am OBSESSED with BoomChickaPop.  I accidentally ordered this flavor and now it’s my evening dessert.  If you like desserts that are sweet and salty, you’ll go crazy over this mix.  I can only find it on Thrive Market, so use my code to get 40% off your first order if you try it.

NATIERRA Premium Freeze-Dried Strawberries

Emmie LOVES this dried fruit.  It’s one of her go-to snacks.  I’ll warn you, the coloring stains their fingers a bit, so this is definitely a supervised snack.  I try to be a cool mom, but am in constant panic I’ll find red finger prints on the couch, ha!  However, it’s a great alternative to trying to get your kids to eat fruit.  I order them from Thrive Market, but they’re available on Amazon, too!

CHOMPS Grass-fed Beef Sticks

We love beef sticks in our house and CHOMPS is known to be a cleaner brand.  We’ve tried lots of brands that we liked, but when I made my list of the best clean snacks, CHOMPS was at the top of the list. I order them from… you guessed it… Thrive Market mainly because I love to get a discount with an autoship order.

JanaBanana Plant Based bar with Coconut

A friend got us a snack box when Archie was born and these bars were in it.  Matt and I were instant fans.  We actually keep our own snack jar on the counter so that our home offices are stocked with snacks and we don’t have to interrupt the nanny share to grab a bite.  These bars are also on Amazon in a bulk pack.  They taste like a banana version of a Larabar.

FreeYumm Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oh are these cookies GOOD!  I decided to try the brand in hopes of finding a clean dessert cookie, and I’m a big fan.  These cookies are also allergy friendly, which is great.  They’d make a really great treat for a kids class or after soccer games.  I order a box of 3 on Amazon, and I’d say we easily go through one box a week.

Nature’s Bandits Organic Fruit & Veggie Stix

These are a must-have!  I don’t know about you, but I struggle to get Emmie to eat her vegetables, and I’m getting to the point where sneaking them is best. When I think about the best clean snacks, Nature’s Bandits is at the top of my list.  They’re allergen friendly, delicious and every bag provides one serving of fruits and vegetables.  I’ve only been able to find them on Amazon so far.

Artisan Tropic Plantain Strips

I have replaced all of my chips eating with plantain chips and so far so good!  These chips are absolutely delicious.  I have them with a sandwich at lunch occasionally and get them from Amazon, too.  They’re a little pricey, so I don’t order them regularly, but they are good!  Since Thrive Market also has plantain chips, I’ve used those as my go-to.

My goal is to really clean up our meals next, but finally finding the best clean snacks feels good!

You can use my Thrive Market Code HERE to get 40% off your first order!


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