Best Valspar White Paint Colors

Finding a true white can be tough, but luckily there are plenty of Valspar white paint colors to choose from.  I spent some time searching for the best Valspar white paint based on these 6 colors and will review them today including Du Jour, Swiss Coffee, and Bistro White.  Finding warm paint can be tricky so I reviewed a few. To see them with our greige kitchen cabinets, click here.  To find the right shade of white, it’s tough.  I’m happy to share my Valspar white paint samples with you today to give you a better idea of the true color.

Valsap Best White Paint Sample Swatches

Picking paint colors is a task all of its own, which is why I wrote about it a while ago. Finding colors for your living room in particular can be tricky.  For our living room, we opted for Valspar Du Jour for the trim and Valspar Sandstone Grey for the Walls.

sandstone grey valspar

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However, I think it’s a topic you can’t discuss enough, which is why I compiled a quick video on how to pick paint colors with three simple steps, which included these supplies: paint brushes, paint sample boards, and Valspar paint found here.

Now, onto the 6 paint colors I chose: Promenade (here), Swiss Coffee (here), Bistro White (here), Snow Cap (here), Dove White (here), and Du Jour (here).  [Spoiler alert – we used Valspar Du Jour in our kitchen although I loved Valspar Swiss Coffee paint too!]  I picked up all paint samples from my local Lowe’s, and I will tell you I was super impressed that all samples matched the Valspar paint chips super well, which I found here.  From cool tones to warmer whites, let’s take a look at them all!  And while we’re at it, here are a few supplies you may want:


Valspar Promenade (7006-3)


Promenade was the most interesting color to me when testing all of the Valspar white paint colors. I love this room from BHG’s post. At first glance, I couldn’t tell if there was a hint of green, yellow or blue, but there was definitely a strong undertone.  I decided it’s a bright(er) yellow undertone that peeks through.  I envision this color doing super well in a child’s bedroom with lots of bright colors surrounding it.   Liz from Love Grows Wild also reviewed Promenade.  I can see it doing well with natural light.

Valspar Swiss Coffee (7002-16)


Valspar Swiss Coffee is such an amazing color from Valspar!  I found this example on Instagram from Wild Flower Home Blog.  I’ll be honest, I did not discover it until after our home renovations finished.  I wish I knew about it before, but I’m keeping it in my back pocket for any other work.  It’s a really pretty bright, warm white and maybe the truest white of the bunch.  Architectural Digest calls it one of the most popular whites.

Valspar Bistro White (7006-4)

best white paint colors

Of the Valspar white paint colors, Bistro White is one of my favorites.  It’s bright white and so crisp.  Compared to Swiss Coffee and Du Jour, it looks like it has a hint of pink to it.  Just a hint though.  It certainly makes a great trim color as referenced by Chloe from Boxwood Avenue’s review. This hue is a warm white paint (which I love), but not creamy.  It has that white crisp feel to it.

Valspar Snow Cap (7003-8)

valspar best white paint colors

Snow Cap is another warm white paint.  Clearly, I gravitate towards warm white paint colors.  I found it to be the creamiest of the six colors I picked, and here’s an example of it in Forbes.  I think it would be a stellar color for an off white cabinet color like the Cove Model Tour from Studio McGee.

Valspar Dove White (7002-7)

best white paint colors

Dove White is lighter than Snow Cap, but offers a similar creaminess.  I absolutely love Sincerely Marie Design’s Review, which you can find here.  It’s another warmer white and is a great choice for a room with lots of white furniture and features.  A creamier white, like Dove White, will offer a softness to the room.  Dove white had a subtle touch of gray.

Valspar Du Jour (7002-6)


Du Jour is a beautiful, bright white.  I chose this color for all of the trim in our house and our kitchen.  I love how beautiful and crisp the color is.  It feels like a vibrant and pure white.  It looks beautiful in natural light.  Want to see a sneak peek of our kitchen?!

For more examples of white, see Patrick Sutton’s kitchen, SchueLove, or Run to Radiance’s interiors.

valspar white paint colors du jour

I’ve toyed with the right stool for the kitchen and currently have these backless stools below.  Here are the original stools I purchased below from Walmart actually.  These are really similar stools.

Shop our kitchen


  1. Kitchen stools
  2. Sink
  3. Sink faucet 
  4. Cabinet pulls
  5. Cabinet knobs 
  6. Cutting boards
  7. Lazy susan (linked similar)
  8. Light fixtures 
  9. Oven
  10. Hood
  11. Microwave
  12. Refrigerator
  13. Dishwasher 

Kitchen painted with Valspar white paint du jour ge cafe-white paint-colors

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Valspar White Paint Summary

I loved all of the colors for specific needs.  In my opinion, here’s how I’d use each one:

  • Promenade | Rooms with lots of color
  • Swiss Coffee | Rooms with gray accents or a room where you want the white walls to pop (my fav!!)
  • Bistro White | A feminine room or girl’s nursery
  • Snow Cap | Rooms with brown or beige undertones
  • Dove White | All white rooms
  • Du Jour | Similar to Swiss Coffee I’d use this in rooms where you want the white wall to pop

Ultimately, picking the right color is a personal choice and is greatly affected by the light and features of the room.  I always recommend getting samples and holding paint samples up to walls in different types of sunlight throughout the day.  Live with it and make sure it’s something you want!

This post is sponsored by Valspar, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  I’m so appreciative of the Valspar team for their partnership and your support of my sponsored work.  Activating brands I love is one of my passions!

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valspar white paint colors du jour


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