Easy Morning Breakfast with Fruitlove

Since becoming a mom, I’ve redefined all of my routines—including my easy morning routine by adding Fruitlove. I completely underestimated the change it would be to take Girl Meets Party full time at the same time as becoming a mom. Before baby, I was all for making elaborate, fun meals—whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Post-baby, I’m all for convenience, simple, and healthy.

As a morning person, I have to feel productive in the morning to feel like I’ve had a successful day. Anyone else with me? So, when I discovered Fruitlove at Jewel-Osco, I was thrilled. If you haven’t heard of Fruitlove before, it’s a spoonable yogurt smoothie. Check out more details here and head to your local Jewel-Osco to purchase today!

I absolutely love fruit smoothies. I always think I’ll make a smoothie for breakfast but in reality, I never do. I’ve been trying to up my meal planning game post-baby and having a few convenient items in my Jewel-Osco basket is key to an easy week.

I picked up Fruitlove Harvest Berry Blend, Fruitlove Mango Medley, and Fruitlove Blueberry Dream. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what my favorite was because they all taste so good. If I had to pick one, it would probably be the Harvest Berry Blend. If you love beets, this spoonable smoothie is for you! It’s a blend of bananas, tart and sweet berries, carrots, and beets with Greek yogurt for a thick and creamy smoothie taste. It’s packed with 6 fruits and veggies, making it a good source of protein and calcium. Fruitlove is also an excellent source of vitamin A, B1, and B3.


Each cup is a good source of protein and calcium and packed with three or more real fruits and vegetables. It’s super easy to find near the yogurt section at Jewel-Osco and don’t forget to check for savings on the Jewel-Osco mobile app.


I’m constantly running out the door trying to get Emmie to daycare or running errands, and Fruitlove is a perfect on-the-go option for an easy morning routine. My favorite part might be the adorable green spoon that comes with it, making it ultra convenient. I can’t stress enough to add Fruitlove to your shopping list for an easy morning routine. Fruitlove is certainly a game changer for my routine! My only issue is that they seem to disappear from the fridge too fast because Matt loves them, too!


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