Easy Rainbow Window Display

It’s week 4 (I think?) of quarantine and I decided to make an easy rainbow window display.  Colors are the focus of Emmie’s learning right now.  In fact, I shared our lesson plan here. To add a little cheer to the neighborhood and find another excuse to talk about colors, Emmie and I made our own rainbow.  I’ve seen such beautiful balloon displays and kids artwork that I figured why not?  Plus, It brings an element of fun to Emmie’s playspace.

See the process

How to create it

All you need is scissors, construction paper, scotch tape, and some patience.  For our 3 windows, I needed 5 stacks of colored paper that I cut into 3×4 squares.  It was super easy to cut each pack of colored paper into 3 strips and then 4 pieces.  You’ll also need 2 rolls of scotch tape and some scissors.  I bought all of the supplies from my toddler shopping list, which I’ve also linked below.


As I cut everything, I stacked it into piles.  I did this with Emmie around, which wasn’t the best idea.  I’d recommend prepping all of the paper before inviting your toddler to the party.

How long it took

All in the easy rainbow window display took about 2 hours total.  It was 1 hour to cut all of the paper (which honestly I cut too much of) and then another hour to hang it all onto the windows.  I will say Emmie was pretty entertained from the full process.  We had a few mini meltdowns, but that’s toddler life, isn’t it?

Why I love it

One of my personal teaching goals with Emmie is to teach her the colors of the rainbow.  We’ve played games, done puzzles and blown up balloons.  This activity fits so well into our color lesson plus it’s a great activity for quarantine, too!  If you create a window display, share it with me by tagging me on Instagram!

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