Finally Enjoying Pregnancy in the Third Trimester

I can’t believe this week the third trimester of my pregnancy.  The weeks absolutely fly by, but most days feel long when you’re not feeling great.  I’ve been honest throughout this process that pregnancy is not my favorite.  In fact, I’ve borderline hated it.  I share that because if you feel that way, you’re not alone.  For the longest time, I felt guilty saying it out loud because I know how blessed we are to have the joy of having a child.  However, I never anticipated that I’d feel sick for nearly 6 months straight.  That’s physically and mentally exhausting.  As I enter the third trimester, I feel like I finally have the hang of this “I feel good while being pregnant thing,” which FYI is still 75% of what good was before.  But, I finally love it.  I feel the baby move all the time.  It’s feeling very real.  I’m excited and happy.  Today, I’m sharing what I’m focusing on my last 12 (if we’re on time) weeks of pregnancy.


Building out a registry

My app tells me I’m behind on this one, but my app doesn’t know how efficient I am.  We’re not having a baby shower so I don’t feel pressure to have things selected by a certain date.  I’m focused on the essentials needed from 0-6 months.  Since we don’t know the gender, I can’t go wild on clothes (a total blessing if you ask me).

Plus, like I mentioned before, I really want to get to know the baby before selecting all of these items.  You may think I’m nuts, and I’m perfectly OK with that.  I have 5 nieces & nephews, and each of them had a little personality from day one that I could spot.  Call it mother’s intuition, but I think I’ll know my little person well.

I’ll share my registry once it’s ready, but, in the meantime, if you have any recommendations, will you leave them for me in the comments section below? 

Prepping post-baby meals

Our new contributor, Becca, pulled together a great post on meals for new parents, which I plan to follow.  I’m also going to try and get a 30 days’ worth of freezer meals stocked so we can easily have healthy food once baby arrives.  I’m certain neither of us will be up for cooking, and I don’t want to order out every night.

I’ve done this before for friends, and it worked really well to put all ingredients in a ziplock bag.  On the bag, write the name of the dish, date is was made and cooking instructions.  Since it’s in a ziplock bag, it’s super easy to store in the freezer.  I figure as I get bigger in the third trimester and don’t feel like walking around in the heat, this will be a great indoor activity one weekend.

Designing a mini nursery

When I first announced we were pregnant, I mentioned that I’m not designing a nursery.  Now in the third trimester, this is half true.  We’ve decided to buy a crib and most likely a matching dresser.  Furniture is expensive, and I want to pick something we’ll love for years to come.  So, I’m kind of designing a nursery.  I fell in love with an art print that I plan to share when we do a full reveal, but aside from that decor will be limited.  It’s all very gender neutral.  It’s a space where we’ll welcome the baby.  A place where the littlest Herrmannito can feel safe and at home.  However, I’ll still design a nursery for their little personality once we move.  I’ve designed a few mood boards to help fuel my creativity, but I’m not done yet!  As I finish, I’ll share more.

Being carefree with my husband

As the third trimester was approaching, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh.  We only have 12+ weeks until it’s not just us anymore.”  Honestly, I got a little sad for a second.  I love us.  I’m so excited for the future, but it reminded me that I need to cherish the time that I have with just my best friend.  Matt & I are truly trying to soak in Chicago Summer, which I’ve done by following our summer guide by the way.  We’ve been walking to the farmer’s market every week.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with the 3-mile walk there the whole time, but we’ll see!  We’ve tackled movies in the park, have a few boating plans.  Essentially, we’re tackling everything on our bucket list.  We’re being as spontaneous as possible and going out whenever we’re invited somewhere even if we’re tired.  Let’s be real, tired will have a whole new meaning in a few months so we’re soaking in every moment now!

Enjoying time by myself in the third trimester

This is a big one for me.  Being in the third trimester, I’ve realized that in a few months, I’m going to have my tiny human attached to my hip 24/7.  I’m a pretty independent person so this is most likely going to be an adjustment for me.  When I’m running errands, I’ve started doing them without my earbuds and phone so I can simply enjoy my surroundings.  It probably sounds crazy, but I figure that peace will leave for a little while come October.  I’m also relaxing and may book a massage!

I’ve also invested more in myself by taking a few classes.  I’ve recently become an ASP certified home stager to bolster my design credentials.  I’m working on my photography skills and trying to work ahead as much as possible so I feel good about taking a break with baby.  I’ve worked so hard to build this little business over the last 2.5 years that it’s important to me that our momentum doesn’t slow.  Thanks to Suree, I’m sure it won’t.  I’m also taking care of myself now because I want to be all-in when the littlest Herrmannito arrives.  I want our baby to quickly know they’re most important and I’ll always be here to take care of them.  In the meantime, I’ll be scheduling more prenatal massages, a few mani-pedis and jumping into acupuncture.

Moms, what did you do in the third trimester to help you prepare for baby?  Share with me below!

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