Drool-worthy Gender Neutral Nursery Designs

Hopefully, you’ve survived the first trimester and are now starting to think about designing a nursery?  Last week we shared a pregnancy capsule wardrobe and our baby announcement.  Today, I’m sharing unique gender neutral nursery designs to inspire your process and match the style you’re seeking.

Classic Gender Neutral Nursery


I love the simplicity of this design with neutral touches of greys and greens.  Animals are often a popular choice for children’s rooms.  I absolutely adore this whimsical yet realistic giraffe with a friendly little saying.  It’s the most child-like piece in the room making it feel like a more sophisticated nursery.  Plus, how could you not be head over heels for the new Aubrey Crib from the West Elm x Pottery Barn Collaboration?  To shop this look:

  1. Giraffe Print
  2. Fiddle Leaf Plant 
  3. Moroccan Rug
  4. Modern Tufted Wingback Chair 
  5. Moroccan White Leather Pouf
  6. Aubrey Crib

The Gender Neutral Non-Nursery


As excited as you are to be a parent, you may not want a space that screams baby.  If that’s the case, the ‘non-nursery’ is totally for you.  This design is inspired by Amber Interiors, whose photo is the header image.  Minus the crib and the adorable nursery artwork, this room feels like it could be almost any other in the house.  A room that doesn’t scream nursery will more easily transition to a big kid’s bedroom, too.  The Monaco rug truly makes this feel more of a modern space than nursery while all of the other elements are soft and playful.  I also love how the wood in the crib plays off the wood from the dresser.  Both pieces are from West Elm.

  1. Sleepytime Rocker
  2. Monaco Rug
  3. Blue & White Basket 
  4. Dresser 
  5. Blue Fur Pillow
  6. Navy Blue Throw
  7. Lion Poster
  8. Crib

Have you designed a nursery?  Did you decide to lean into the gender or keep it more neutral?  Share your thoughts with us below!

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