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Hello from the #HerrmannitoHouse!  If you’ve been following our journey, you know we searched high and low for the #HerrmannitoHouse.  It’s still a ‘pinch me’ moment when I see it because part of me can’t believe we actually made it happen.  We almost bought the wrong house a few times, thank goodness we didn’t because of our realtor.  I want to prep a few tips for you all on budgeting, planning and searching.  However, this whole process has gone so fast that I don’t have time to catch my breath let alone make buying guides.  Some day!

At any rate, we picked our contractor, The Matts Construction, and I seriously couldn’t be happier.  They started tackling demo at the #HerrmannitoHouse on literally day one.  Also, he waited to cash our deposit check until we closed.  Isn’t that considerate?  I swear, The Matts don’t miss a beat. So, without further adieu, meet the #HerrmannitoHouse!

First Floor

The first floor feels like a typical Chicago cottage.  It’s somewhat sectioned, which we’re planning to change.

Overall though, it has a great flow!  We have a super open living room, good-sized dining room, first-floor guest room, full bathroom, and open kitchen.

chicago cottage home

chicago cottage home

The first-floor guest room and the bathroom was a big win for us.  We like the idea of our guests on a different floor from us for privacy reasons.  Also, with a first-floor guest room, it’s much easier for parents.

kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

A good-sized dining room is important to me because I obviously love to entertain!  This will fit my infamous dining room table, that I’m obsessed with because it fits our full family around it.

chicago dining room

Oh, and this kitchen is going to be AMAZING.  I cannot wait to have a big open kitchen again where I can entertain like crazy.  I’m planning to cook all the things, host cookie decorating parties and so many other things.  Let’s be honest, I will probably drive Matt nutty with all the entertaining I want to do!  That window though – I just can’t!

kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

Second Floor 

The second floor has a great flow to it as well.  When searching for the #HerrmannitoHouse, we saw a lot of goofy cottage homes.  Often they had weird sized bedrooms upstairs or odd layouts.

master bedroom dormered chicago

Upstairs is a two bed, one bath layout.  While we’d love a third bedroom upstairs, both rooms are a great size.

Emmie’s room is so large you could split it into two.  The prior owners used it as a family room because they didn’t have kids hence the couch!

Technically the bathroom is so large, you could make two.  l love that there are options for us or future homeowners (we’re always thinking about resale!), but it works super well for us right now.

Plus, there is this great office nook for me, which I’m super pumped about!  I have really been missing having an office space!!  I have my eye on a desk from MegMade for the space – fingers crossed!


The basement is truly built for Herrmannitos.  Ceiling heights are short as they’re less than seven feet, but we keep tiny company (for the most part), so we don’t mind.  I don’t have pictures of the family room area, but it’s actually really big.  There’s a separate kitchen, family room area and bedroom area downstairs.  We don’t have big plans here yet other than it being a playspace.  Who knows – we may change our minds after we move in!


We have a backyard!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?  I’m hoping my friend, Katie, and my dad will teach me all the things about gardening because they are the experts in my life.  We’re going to freshen up the backyard and deck, but I’m not planning anything until spring of next year.  I think we have enough going on now, right?!

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