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Being a small business owner, blogger or creative entrepreneur can be tough.  You’re alone.  A lot.  Investing in a creative workshop can not only help you sharpen your skillset faster but introduce you to more people in your network, too.  It’s why I’m hosting another creative workshop!  I hosted a creative workshop in December with a handful of ladies and the change was powerful.  In fact, it sparked new partnerships for Manolos & Minivans and a few others. Here’s why I think you should join me…

creative workshop

1. Grow your business or blog faster

While there are tons of tools out there (like this latest blogger bundle), exploring them on your own is time-consuming and inefficient.  Plus, you can teach yourself; however, executing is still trial and error.  By signing up for a workshop, you skip trial and error.  Learn the best practices for the topics you need to master.  I personally attended The Bloom Workshop, and it was unbelievably helpful in propelling Girl Meets Party forward.

2. Make new friends & drive exposure of your business

Have you heard the phrase, ‘it’s all who you know’ before?  It’s true.  Networking is one of the key components to success.  It’s one of the reasons why I joined The Wing.  Attending a workshop with other like-minded individuals and a teacher you admire is a great way to network.  You’ll also build out your go-tos for projects.  For example, I made a handful of blogging and photographer friends at The Bloom Workshop.  They’re frequently my go-tos for events in the city.

Making new friends also opens the door to potential collaborations.  You can increase your following by partnering with new friends and cross-pollinating followers.  It’s a great way to drive exposure to your business and awareness of the content you’ve created.  Plus, it’s more fun to work together!

3. Content personalized to your needs

A creative workshop can fill the gaps in your current plan. If you’re a creative entrepreneur, it constantly feels like there’s a teeny hole in the boat you’re trying to plug.  There are only so many hours in the day and only so much you can do (especially if it’s your side hustle!).  A creative workshop can sometimes not only highlight that outage (as your planning) but help fill it, too!

Also, I’m keeping these workshops small so I can tailor content to your needs.  Once you sign up, I’ll reach out to inquire on three questions you’re struggling with and answer them at the workshop!

When you know you’re ready for a creative workshop

It’s no secret – creative workshops are an investment.  When you’re just starting out, it’s tough to know when to invest.  It’s something I struggled with personally when I first started Girl Meets Party.  How do you start a business without spending too much?  To me, it’s all about the value.  Does it save you time or money in the long run?  Plus, how quickly do you need to save that time or money?  Starting your own business or blog can be a sacrifice, but fast-tracking with a workshop helps!

I’m sharing more details below, but I’m personally excited about the workshop because we’re sourcing questions directly from attendees.  We’ll take up to 3 questions to answer per attendee so everyone can get what they need.  Plus, you’ll get over $150 of tangible tools (more on that below!)

The Details for the Girl Meets Party Creative Workshop

creative workshop

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The creative workshop is designed for people in all different places on their journey.  We’ll spend 3 hours together over the course of a weekday night so it’s perfect if you’re working full-time.  All of our dates are available on calendly and seats are first come, first serve.  We’ll start with the basics but dig into each topic to give precise strategies on how to grow an develop.  Personally, my favorite part is that we’re crowdsourcing 1-3 questions from each participant and we promise to answer those specifically.  So, attendees are guaranteed to get what they need to succeed.

The value of the tools alone is worth more than $150!   For each section, there’s a tangible giveaway for attendees to use to practice their learnings.

  • Our editorial calendar will help people properly plan their content to make them more efficient and thoughtful (valued at $25)
  • Our 10+ stock images will be the filler you need when you’re low on new content.  They’ll close the gap on your grid (valued at $100)
  • Our analytics tracker makes it easy to keep an eye on the numbers and pinpoint where opportunities for growth are (valued at $25)
  • Our business start-up guide simplifies the legal and administrative work behind setting up your business (which is the least fun part of work in my opinion!) (valued at $50)
  • Our sample brand collaborations email partnered with the media kit will give you exactly what you need to kickstart your collaborations (valued at $75)

That’s $275 in just giveaways – not even the content from the workshop!  Still debating if the workshop is for you?  Send me an email and let’s chat it through.  I’ll be honest and help you decide if now is the right time for you and your business or blog.  What’s most important to us is building a strong, happy community.  However, we can make that happen, we’re in.  I hope you’ll join us.

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