How I’m Handling Covid Fatigue

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When someone asks me how I’m handling covid fatigue, I immediately think of Dorinda Medley:


But for real, the new restrictions in Chicago (and elsewhere) are a tough pill to swallow.  It may be necessary, but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy decision.  We all remember last winter into spring and it was hard during the stay at home order.

The range of emotions is mentally exhausting

It feels like we’re headed in that direction again, and I can’t help but feel a range of emotions:  sad, lost, defeated, tired, guilty, and grateful.  Guilty and grateful seem like odd feelings to share.  However, I sometimes feel guilty that we have the privilege to stay home.  We both work out of the house.  I also feel grateful in the sense that there are protections in place to help us slow the spread.

My anxiety is off the charts

I’m worried all of the time and can’t seem to relax.  Part of this is starting a new business this year.  [I tell you, my timing is always impeccable.  I launched my own business at the same time as I had Emmie].  Now, I work with almost all small businesses and it weighs on me.  It’s a hard year for business and I can’t help but carry that around because I’m empathetic to what they’re going through.

I’m also worried about doing the wrong or saying the wrong thing.  Every move feels so calculated this year because it’s all a calculated risk, and I hate it.  I’m second-guessing my decisions frequently, which is not my style.  However, I will tell you, I started taking CBD and it helps greatly.  I’m a fan of Equilibria daily drops, relief cream, and pills.  I take a dose in the morning and a dose before bed, and it definitely relaxes me.  If you’re interested in trying it, you can get 15% off your first order here or use the code jennaye.  I’ll be adding more CBD to my Christmas list, ha!

Are my relationships taking a hit?

We’ve been on the more conservative side of how we approach the pandemic, and it’s caused super uncomfortable conversations.  People who I’m normally on the same page as are handling the pandemic differently.  That’s perfectly OK because we’re all allowed to handle this how we best see fit.  However, it is definitely uncomfortable finding common ground.  I find being open and honest easiest, but that doesn’t make it easier to have conversations.

I’m grateful we’ve communicated our stance pretty clearly with people at this point because I think the holidays will be easier than the spring/summer for us.  [fingers crossed at least].  I’m holding onto hope that we’re really all in the same boat and will pickup where we left off (in some sense) when this is over.  In the meantime, it is hard to watch the transitions go by with friends [new babies, out of state moves, etc] and not be there for it.

So, it’s time to stop wallowing and embrace the change

As the new wave of changes came in, I realized it’s time to stop pretending like this is going away.  It’s not, and I don’t want to wish away a year.  There’s no need to waste an entire year.  Instead, I’m shifting my focus.

This won’t last forever, so I’m attempting to use it as an opportunity to do new things in a new way.  Here’s how I’m tackling the next few months:

Planned [virtual] coffee & happy hour dates

If it’s not on my calendar, it doesn’t happen. So, I’m adding a link to my calendly and reaching out to friends to catch up.  Matt and I have started to divide and conquer more with Emmie so we can each get a break, and it’s helpful.

Virtual holiday gatherings

Santa is still coming to town!  I ordered a costume so Emmie can still meet Santa.  It’s only $34 on amazon — so worth it! I’m organizing virtual get-togethers through cooking classes, baking classes, ornament exchanges, and more.

At home date nights with fancy food 

Supporting the restaurants is top of mind for me during this time.  I’m also thinking it’d be fun to order out from places that I haven’t been to yet or haven’t been in a while.  A few on my list are:

Do you have any others I should add to my list?  DM me and tell me!

More check-ins with friends

One of the perks to being home more often is you truly can pop-in to see people more often.  You can catch up for 5 minutes or 30 minutes with the click of a few buttons.  I’m trying to really lean in here and start to randomly facetime people more often so we can connect for more of the in-between moments.

So now I’ll ask you — what can you do during this time to appreciate the moment vs. wish it away?


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