How We’re Tackling Demo at The #HerrmannitoHouse

Well, it sure feels like time is flying while we’re tackling demo at the #HerrmannitoHouse!  It feels good to be back on here writing because it’s been a minute.


It’s hard to believe that we closed about two weeks ago.  We’ve been working with The Matts Construction and I honestly couldn’t be happier.  I shared our contractor selection criteria a while back, and I’m so happy we followed our gut in picking Matt. Although I do have one complaint and it’s serious… I can’t keep up with him ha!

What the process is like so far

I’m learning a ton about the design process and timelines by working with Matt (the contractor – not my hubby.  So many Matts it’s hard to keep track!).  It reminds me of my corporate career of launching new products.  There’s definitely a cadence to it, and I’m finding that I LOVE being on the job site, seeing the demo and navigating through the challenges.

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a teeeeeny bit stressful trying to finalize designs, order things and navigate the construction waters, but Contractor Matt (let’s be honest, just easier to keep it straight that way, ha!) really does make me feel relaxed about the situation.  Plus, it’s all first-time learnings – I’m certain I’d be faster and more efficient the next go around.  I already feel myself craving to create a few timelines, a process and tackle another design project.  Any takers?  Don’t tell my husband, Matt.  His head might actually explode.

I shared how we selected our contract, and honestly, I can’t say enough good things about him.  The Matts Construction was not the least expensive bid we’ve found and I’m OK with that because Matt is:

  • Mindful of budget and always offers several ways to tackle the work so we have options
  • Provides timeline updates without me asking (this is like the unicorn of all contractors)
  • Works a full day (sounds silly but so many are 10a-3p)
  • Tells me about a problem, he’s already mapped through solutions (more on this later)
  • Participates in the work.  He has a team but works alongside them

What’s been done so far?

We’ve fully gutted the kitchen and the first-floor bathroom.  Then, new plywood has been laid on top of the old hardwood floors.  We were hoping to keep the old floors (although budgeted for new).  The old floors had so much wear and tear that it didn’t make sense to keep them, unfortunately.

So you’re moving in like next week, right?

I know it does feel like it’s flying (and it is!), but demo moves super fast.  While Matt is a little ahead of schedule, we’re still planning on the full 8 weeks for renovation.  I’ll share a schedule and design updates soon!  To be honest, I can’t seem to keep up with all of my to-dos for the house so I’ve been behind on blogging.

What happens after this?

Well, I have to finish the design and get all the materials ordered, which includes doors, hinges, handles and light fixtures.  Then, as Matt starts to put the house back together, I need to make incremental design calls.  We’re also finalizing the cabinet vendor and picking out appliances.

I will share our design plans soon and room by room updates!



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