How to Update a Bathroom without a Contractor

While much of our home has been gutted and fixed up, our guest bathroom (previously our main bathroom) really needed some love. Unfortunately, we maxed out our budget on other needier areas of our home, and I took it upon myself to DIY this little bathroom upgrade. I was SO excited to take on this project because, while we’ve been fortunate to rehab many rooms in our house, I wanted to show how easy it is to upgrade your current space without a major overhaul. So, if you have areas in your home that are just…not quite there, here are some tips and tricks on how you can spoof things up without forking out big bucks!

Our Bathroom

As I mentioned, the bathroom itself wasn’t in bad condition- it was just all kinds of drab and I knew I could fix it with a little cosmetic love. The vanity and shower fixtures were in decent shape, the once-white grout had yellowed over time, and the paint was dull and lifeless. It reminded me of a dingy motel bathroom in desperate need of a face-lift.

Now, you’ve heard me say it before and you’ll hear me say it again- there is power in the paint, y’all! We were able to transform this space from dingy to sophisticated by only changing the paint & grout color. Easy and cheap. All it takes is time and a little bit o’ elbow grease.

What I Used

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Painting the Grout

The tile in the bathroom was in really good condition, but the yellowed grout made it feel dirty and low-grade. I knew I could revive it by making the white pop with dark accents. I originally started to color the grout with a marker, but this proved to be an ineffective and grueling process.

After doing some research, I ended up purchasing this Polyblend grout renew, (it comes in a wide variety of colors). It was not only super easy to use, but extremely effective. Using angled paint brushes, I simply painted the grout renew directly onto the grout and wiped the excess off with paper towels. You may have to wipe the same area multiple times, but don’t get discouraged if it’s not perfect. There was a lot of grout residue left, particularly when I did the floor, and it cleaned up easily with a scrub brush and warm water.



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DIY Bathroom


DIY Bathroom



DIY Bathroom

Painting the Surrounding Accents

Next, the paint color of the paneling in the bathroom didn’t give it any personality. The finish was matte, which is odd for a bathroom, and the silver medicine cabinet mirror seemed to blend into the wall.  While white and bright is all the rage, don’t be afraid to add moody hues into the mix for some flavor.

While I love me some white, in this case, I knew a darker hue would create sophisticated contrast. I chose to paint all the paneling Evening Sky by Benjamin Moore, and I spray-painted the mirror antique brass.


DIY Bathroom


DIY Bathroom


Wah lah! Instant upgrade! While we’re still perfecting this guy, stay tuned for a full reveal of our upstairs as it comes together in the next few weeks!

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my kitchen reveal and breakfast nook reveal.

Until next time!

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