June 2020 Blog Traffic Report

Well, I didn’t do much personally for the blog this month so my June 2020 blog traffic report is an interesting one. You can see what happens after you put hard work in and let SEO do everything for you.

june 2020 blog traffic report

I started out with the best of intentions for June, but it was a hard month for all of us.  The racial injustice that has occurred was all-consuming (rightfully so).  Because of that and an increase in work with The Marketing Greenhouse, I don’t think I wrote any new blog posts other than my May Report.

Key changes from May

  • 1 new blog post
  • no pins to Tailwind
  • no newsletters

It was a weak month, but I’m also happy to see what SEO does for the blog by itself.  It’s a great data point.

Prior Blog Traffic Reports

Blog Traffic Report Numbersjune 2020 blog traffic report

In June, I had 6,408 pageviews (-20% vs. last month)

June was all about survival mode.  I posted on Instagram a few times.  I shared one new blog post and that was it.  However, what I think is super cool to see is that even doing nothing, I still had a better month than when I started focusing on the blog in March.  June was on par with my April report.

While I’m not super proud of the numbers, it’s nice to see how the hard work pays off for consistent traffic.  I’m also not surprised traffic dipped in general because it’s summer and the weather is nice!  I would assume that traffic will be lower until we get back into the fall.

Top June Blog Posts:

July Goals:

I’m tracking towards 2-3 new blog posts per week this month (yay!) and really working on batching my work.  I’ve already written 3 new blog posts this month.  My other big focus will be getting back to my newsletter and starting up Tailwind again this month.  I’m keeping it to those 3 things, and if I magically get to the SEM Rush training I’ve been dying to take then wow.

I’d say I’m already off to a great start getting the June 2020 Blog Traffic Report done on July 1st, right?!

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