My Lemon Inspired Baby Announcement Brunch

Creative ways to announce your pregnant are all the rage, and my personal favorite is a baby announcement brunch.  Telling friends and family you’re pregnant is one of the best parts of pregnancy aside from the baby, of course!  When we found out we were pregnant, I immediately started brainstorming creative ways we could tell family and friends.  I knew I didn’t want a baby shower.  So, our announcements were a big celebration.


Hosting a baby announcement brunch

When we traveled to Italy, I fell in love with lemons.  They were all over Positano.  So light and fresh.  When I was thinking about a theme for a baby announcement brunch, I wanted to base it around lemons.  However, I also wanted it to have meaning and boy, did I luck out there.  I told my friends we were pregnant at 14 weeks.  It turns out at 14 weeks a baby is the size of a lemon.  Too perfect, right?!

I channeled our Italian adventure when designing the tablescape with lots of rustic, natural elements.  I kept it simple with white plates and pops of yellow on the table mainly from floral by Dilly Lily.

For a place card, I bought individual lemons and lemon leaves, which you can find with greenery in the floral department.


I wrote everyone’s name with a gold Sharpie marker on the leaf.  Then, using twine, I tied the lemon leaf to the lemon.  It turned out to be one of my favorite place cards ever.

You know I’m obsessed with personalized champagne labels so, of course, they were my gift of choice for my friends.  I worked with StudioB Labels from Etsy to design these champagne labels.  She does incredible work!!

Of course, it’s not a party if there isn’t a dessert bar, right?  Even though it was brunch, I wanted a sweets table because they’re just too pretty to pass up.

My favorite way to announce our pregnancy

Everyone’s reaction was priceless!!  I tried to video and photograph them coming in so I could save it forever, which turned out to be such a good idea.

Plus, the balloons from Paris312 were SO fun!  They caught everyone’s eye the moment they walked in.

There were a few things that made it super easy to host:

  • Simplify the menu by ordering out or picking up pre-made dishes (unless it’s a go-to)
  • Set the table a few days in advance
  • Invest in a nice piece of decor for photos (like balloons – PS Paris312 delivers!)

Announcing I was pregnant to my friends with a baby announcement brunch was one of my top highlights of pregnancy.  If you’re pregnant and getting ready to announce, you should totally consider it!  Not a planner?  That’s OK – let me know.  I’d love to help you.

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