Parents Weekend Getaway Itinerary for Newport Beach Trip

Our trip to Newport Beach for a Parents Getaway was nothing short of amazing at the Balboa Bay Resort! Matt and I love traveling to California and try to pick a different spot every time we go.

One of my favorite trips was driving the coast from Napa Valley down to San Diego all along the 101. It was truly breathtaking.

This trip was our first time away from the kids…. ever! We knew we wanted something with a direct flight from Chicago for 3 nights away. Our trip honestly could not have been more perfect!

We were torn between a visit to Newport Beach or going back to a favorite — Santa Barbara. We opted for a parents weekend getaway in Newport Beach so that we could do day trips to other local spots like Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach.

Planning ahead to leave your littles

Asking for help from parents or a caregiver can feel like a tall order. One of the best travel tips I can offer is how we scheduled our trip! We planned our trip from Wednesday until Saturday. We had our normal childcare Wednesday until Friday.

My parents stayed with the kids in the morning until the nanny arrived and had them for dinner and bed. While it was busy, it wasn’t too much. Then, they had them most of the day Saturday and we arrived home before bedtime.

Timing-wise it was perfect. I also think getting home just before afternoon naps would be good, too. I don’t know about you, but jumping back into parenting after a little break is always hard for me.

Popular Spots

There are a million fun things to do in the area, but some of the most popular are:

  • Visit Newport Beach Pier
  • Check out Crystal Cove
  • Hike at the State Park
  • Go Whale Watching
  • Visit Balboa Village
  • Explore the Balboa Fun Zone
  • Dine and shop at Fashion Island
  • Explore Lido Beach
  • Layout at Laguna Beach

Popular Newport Beach Restaurants

  • Nobu Newport Beach for Drinks or Dinner
  • Javier’s for Drinks, Lunch or Dinner
  • Pizzeria Mozza for Lunch or Dinner
  • The Cannery for Lunch
  • Sessions West Coast Deli for Lunch
  • Ho Sum Bistro for Dinner
  • Sienna Italian for Dinner
  • Beachcomber for Breakfast
  • Las Brisas for Lunch
  • A’s for Dinner
  • Broadway for Dinner
  • Mama Dee’s Italian for Dinner
  • Sota Sushi for Dinner
  • Gulfstream for Dinner
  • CDM for Dinner
  • Shorebird for Drinks
  • Lido House Hotel Rooftop for Drinks
  • Wild Taco for Lunch Dinner or Drinks
  • Malibu Farm for Lunch, Dinner or Drinks
  • Moulin for Breakfast

Our Parents Weekend Getaway Itinerary

We had the perfect balance of on-the-go and relaxing. When we were searching for Newport Beach hotels, we wanted something centrally located and that’s how we stumbled upon Balboa Bay Resort. It was truly the perfect place to stay!

I’ve only planned family vacations the last few years so making a weekend itinerary just for couples was fun! While we wanted it to be a romantic getaway, we also just wanted to have fun and not be too tied down. I’m not one for too many spa treatments because I feel like I can do that at home (even though I never do!)

Day 1 – Settle In & Grab Dinner

We arrived right around 4pm. Given the time change from Chicago, a late lunch was in order. We opted for an easy happy hour/late lunch combo at A&O Restaurant on the Balboa Bay premises.

After happy hour, we went up to our room with a view of the bay to freshen up and get ready for dinner. We decided to take the hotel’s shuttle over to Lido Beach, which is a super cute area with restaurants and adorable shops.

We walked the pier and grabbed a few drinks, and then decided to settle at Malibu Farm Restaurant. The food was delicious and the drinks were super fresh, too!

Day 2 – Explore Laguna & Fancy Night Out

We started our morning with a workout at the Balboa Bay Resort. They had two Pelotons and it was lovely!! Matt and I talked about how this trip was all about a reset.

Then, we took a 5 minute uber to Laguna Beach and went to Moulin for breakfast. Highly recommend their crapes! After breakfast, we walked around, did some shopping and then walked to the beach to watch the surfers.

There’s something about watching surfers that I find so mesmerizing. Maybe it’s because you can really only watch them in California.

At any rate, we then did lunch and a pitcher of margaritas as Las Brisas. We originally sat down at Larsen, and while it was so cool looking, they had a monster attitude and we left.

After lunch, it was back to Balboa Bay Resort for some drinks poolside and a ping pong competition. I won, of course. Then, we showered and got dressed up for a fancy dinner at Nobu. Oh my goodness was it delicious!

We ordered all of the specials at Nobu, which included wagyu beef sliders, yellowtail and a delicious salad. I can’t remember the name of our dessert, but it was absolutely delicious. The waiter was fabulous and helped us space things out as well.

Day 3 – Relax at Balboa Bay Resort & Walk Newport

Spa day! We woke up, did a morning workout and had a very casual breakfast at A&O Restaurant. My only compliant is that it’s so good that we ate there too much!

At any rate, we enjoyed a really nice morning on the resort premises and went for a facial and massage at the spa. It was most definitely the best facial I’ve had on vacation. My face was glowing for five days afterwards, and it’s inspired me to revamp my skincare routine.

What’s nice is that you get access to the spa for the day when you have a service done, so you can take advantage of the steam room, sauna, lounge area and showers with super nice Drybar tools.

OK, I hate to admit. it, but we went back to A&O for lunch. We were enjoying just hanging out. at the hotel and didn’t feel like leaving the premises. this is why I was saying that I love to find a hotel that has everything you need so you don’t have to leave!

After lunch, we went to the pool and lounged for several hours. It was so relaxing. I read a book and we both dozed off for about an hour.

We took the hotel car down to Newport Pier and decided to walk from there to Balboa Pier and the Balboa Fun Zone. We’re big walkers and it was. a fun way to see a few miles of shoreline.

Dinner did not go quite as planned because Mama Dee’s was so slammed, but it worked out perfectly. We ended up going to Lido House Hotel for drinks and having an app-like dinner on the rooftop watching the sunset. It was truly magical.

Day 4 – Breakfast & Fly Home

I planned. our trip so we’d be able to grab breakfast in the morning. We were both a little sluggish from a late night out so opted for one more workout before grabbing a quick breakfast sandwich and coffee from Starbucks. Then, it was off tot he airport and hope to see our babies!

Highlights of Balboa Bay Resort

When I looked for hotels in Newport Beach, Balboa Bay Resort. The views were breathtaking, and I loved how much the resort offered onsite. While we like to go out and adventure every day, it’s nice to also have all necessary accommodations on site so you don’t have to!

The spa was definitely a must-do experience. I really loved my facial and Matt said it was one of the best massages he’s ever had.

The A&O Restaurant is also a great perk. It’s a delicious restaurant right onsite with views of the harbor. They even have live music. a few nights a week!

I hope this helps you plan your weekend getaway! I’m also hoping it’s not another 4 years before Matt & I sneak away again!

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