Our Pre-Baby Bucket List

I’ve had a rough go with my pregnancy from constant sickness to migraines.  To celebrate the days instead of count the ailments, we made a pre-baby bucket list ticking away the days until baby.  Plus, it helps us to celebrate the time we have left just us two (although we can’t wait to become three!)

Pre-Baby Bucket List

  1. Spontaneous 1:20p Friday Cubs Game 
  2. Cocktails & mocktails at RM Champagne Lounge on the patio
  3. Dinner on a rooftop downtown
  4. Check out Adler After Dark
  5. Movies in the Park with Rocco
  6. Spend a day at Oak Street Beach 
  7. Ride on the Architecture Boat Tour
  8. Book our first non-preggers vacation
  9. Enjoy a picnic in the park (recreating our engagement)
  10. Eat at Tied House
  11. Spend a day with our twin niece & nephew in the city 
  12. Eat at Dutch & Docs now Swifts and Sons Tavern
  13. Head to Wrigley Field for the Pearl Jam concert 
  14. Dine at Mordecai
  15. Listen to Billy Joel outside of Wrigley (since we didn’t get tickets this year)
  16. Celebrate Matt’s Birthday on the 4th of July with the Cubs Game and his family
  17. Create ‘Movies in the Park’ at home on our deck with a BBQ from Gepperth’s Meat Market
  18. Plan (and pre-pack) one month of meals for post baby
  19. Toast to the summer on our friend’s boat
  20. Hang out with close friends spontaneously
  21. Take a spa day 

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