Three Day Real Good Juice Cleanse Review

If you’re like me before you try a juice cleanse you google ‘juice cleanse review.’ I’ve done 3-day juice cleanses before and hated them.  So, why do another one?  Finding my routine as a mom is an adjustment, and I thought a juice cleanse could help me jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.

Why try a juice cleanse?

Well, I had Emmie 8 months ago and I’ve struggled to find a workout routine.  Healthy food is my goal, but in actuality, it’s hard to carve out meal prep time.  I’ve tried joining a gym and I’ve pretended that I’ll meal prep.  It’s not happening.  I needed something that removed the thinking from it and would jumpstart a healthy lifestyle.  Hello, juice cleanse!

Why Real Good Juice?

This post is not sponsored.  I saw Lake Shore Lady did a juice cleanse a while back with Real Good Juice and was intrigued to try it myself.  I also live down the block from their Southport location so super convenient for me, too!

Were you hungry?

I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I’d be.  I remember from doing a juice cleanse a few years ago, I was STARVING.  This time around, I was fine all day.  I did get hungry around 4PM each day and I decided to have a veggie snack with my second to last juice of the day.

Was it hard not to eat other food?

I decided not to deprive myself since that’s not realistic for me.  I don’t do very well with the word ‘no,’ ha!  So, I decided to have a veggie snack each night with my second to last juice and that worked well.  Since I’m not really working out now, I didn’t find it changed much for me.

How was your energy level?

I found that my energy surged the first day and the third day.  I was a bit tired the second day, but Emmie also did not sleep well that night before so it could’ve been my lack of sleep.  I’ve been drinking a lot of coffee and was surprised that I did not crash from the lack of caffeine.

Were you cranky?

No!  Surprisingly, no!  Matt was 100% expecting me to be cranky, and I really wasn’t.  I think that’s partly because I didn’t deprive myself of food (at the end of the day). Plus, I was not expending too much energy since I did not work out.

Did you lose weight?

I did!  I lost 3 pounds during the 3-day juice cleanse. I lost 2 pounds on the second day and 1 pound on the last day.

Was it sustainable?

Shockingly, it has been sustainable for me.  I used the juice cleanse as a jumpstart to a healthy lifestyle and for the most part, I’ve stuck with it.  I’m trying to limit my white carb intake and sweets.  Sweets are the harder of the two for me.  I got into a bad habit while pregnant of having dessert every night and I haven’t kicked it.

Would you do it again?

I would – maybe once a season?  I think it’s a great way to reset your body and get back to the baseline.  I’m not sure if I’ll do it this fall, but I would consider it for sure.

Have you done a juice cleanse?  What are your thoughts? 

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