How to Style the Perfect Cheese & Meat Charcuterie Board

The way in which you style a cheese & meat charcuterie board is truly an art. Over the years, cheese and meat charcuterie boards have taken off! From lavish table spreads to individual boards, it’s a fun way to showcase an appetizer that everyone loves to nibble on.

cheese and charcuterie board

I recently discovered Milton Creamery, an artisan cheesemaker based in Iowa for over 14 years.  After learning more, I parterned with them on this post because not only do they make delcious cheese (get the Prarie Breeze and Quark!), but they have an admirable business model. Milton Creamery prides itself on only buying milk from farmers within 30 miles of their facility.  This allows them to support small, family farms.  They’ve actually taken on more farms since March (aka when the pandemic started) to help support those who would otherwise have to sell their animals and family farm.

I’ve created cheese and charcuterie boards for years, and it certainly takes a while to beautify them.  Some people turn it into a living like Boards by Kenzie.

Plan the flavors

Cheese flavors are so unique — it’s why they partner so well with wine.  So, it’s important to find meats, nuts, fruits and spreads that complement the cheese flavor.  While I love to build a good board, I find pairing the perfect flavors a bit overwhelming.  That’s why I love Milton Creamery’s collections.  They do the hard work for you!  I put together ‘The Perfect Cheeseboard,’ which they shipped to me in 2 days!  How easy is that?!  Plus, the price includes shipping.

perfect cheese and charcuterie board

Here’s what comes in The Perfect Cheeseboard:

  • 6.5oz Prairie Breeze
  • 4oz Flory’s Truckle
  • 8oz Quark
  • 0.5lb Frisian Farms Aged Gouda
  • 2oz La Quercia Speck Americano
  • 5.5oz Creminelli Finocchio Salami
  • 8.75oz Bonnie’s Jams Peach Ginger Conserve
  • 7.0oz Three Little Pigs Whole Grain Mustard
  • 6oz Rustic Bakery Sourdough Flatbread Olive Oil & Sel Gris
  • 5.3oz Raincoast Crisps Rosemary Raisin Pecan
  • 4.2oz Marcona Almonds

Flavor notes: 

Prairie Breeze should be chunked off vs. sliced as it’s aged and a bit crumbly.  If you use a knife in it you should get some good hunks.

Flory’s Truckle should be cut in triangles, from the rind down to the point.  You want to taste from the inside of the wheel (point) to the rind and will find the flavor intensifies the closer you are to the rind.

Quark is a soft cheese that can be eaten alone or paired with something sweet.  From the board, my favorite is pairing the Quark cheese with the Peach Ginger Conserve.  It is out of this world good!  

Share pairings with guests

From The Perfect Cheeseboard, I found a few pairings I love:

  • Prairie Breeze + Creminelli Salami
  • Quark + Peach Ginger + Raincoast Crisp OR Sourdough Flatbread
  • Aged Gouda + Sourdough Flatbread
  • Whole Grain Mustard + Flory’s Truckle + Sourdough Flatbread
  • Most importantly, everything is delicious solo!

If you know what pairs well on the board, I recommend creating a cheat sheet for guests or telling them as a conversation piece.

Build the board in sections

My best advice is to build your cheese and charcuterie board in sections.

perfect pinterestworthy cheese board and charcuterie

I like to start with any dips or loose items that need bowls.  Place the bowls on your board and then start to fill around it with either a meat or cheese.  I often start with the meat and then start to fill around it with cheese.  Gaps can then be filled in with dried fruits or nuts.

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Add greenery

The biggest trick?  Add greenery to the board!  Fresh herbs are a great way to add greenery.  Rosemary is one of my favorites to add, but any greenery works.  Here’s an example with and without greenery:

Style it with gorgeous serveware

Having a stunning platter, cheese knives and serving plates set the vibe. Here are a few of my favorites.


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