We’re having a baby!

Girl Meets Party is adding a team member!  Affectionately called The Littlest Herrmannito, Matt and I are expecting our first baby this Fall.  We’ve kept it our little secret for so long, and I’m thrilled I can finally share it with you all today!  If you’re like most of our friends & family that now know, you’re a little shocked and full of questions. So, let’s get right to it!

How far along are you?

I’m 19.5 weeks today, so nearly halfway there!  20 weeks is halfway.  For those of you trying to count in your head, that means I’m due with baby in early October.  The first 12 weeks seemed painfully slow, and now it’s moving much faster.  I’m sure it will feel slow towards the end again.

When did you find out?

I felt like I knew immediately because I felt off.  I had lower back pain [which I thought was my kidneys and my doctor politely clarified that I was wrong on that, ha!] and just felt strange.  It’s hard to describe, but I’m the kind of person who’s super in-tune with how they feel, and I knew something was up.  But then again, I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it.

Were you surprised?

Shocked.  Even though I felt off, I thought it was all in my head.  [I read a few blogs about ghost pregnancies and thought maybe I was dreaming of it].  I knew there was a chance, but didn’t think it would happen so quickly.  We were incredibly lucky that we did not run into any challenges.  The best part is Matt actually told me I was pregnant.  [I know what you’re thinking… wait, what?]

I kept taking pregnancy tests because I felt off, and they kept having a negative result because it was too early.  We were home on a Friday night, and I was setting up for the Galentine’s Day brunch.  [Yes, I’m 3 minutes pregnant in those photos if you want to look back].  I decided to take one more test but left it on the counter.  I figured it’d be negative again.  I’d see it before I went to bed and would throw it out.

About an hour later, Matt comes out and goes, ‘Is there something you’d like to tell me?”  I gave a puzzled look and quickly replied no.  He asked if I was sure, and I said, “I seriously have no idea what you’re talking about.  Oh, wait.  Don’t be mad about the pregnancy test [because he told me to cool it several times].  I was feeling off and decided to just take one more.”  He quickly responded with “Well, did you look at the results.” My heart stopped.  He goes, “You’re pregnant.”  I immediately snapped back, “WHAT?! Are you sure you read that right?”  Mind you, the test literally says “pregnant” or “not pregnant” so it’d be hard to get that wrong.  Needless to say, we were both excited, nervous, scared, shocked all at once.  It was very surreal.

How are you feeling?

So, I’d love to tell you it’s all sunshine and rainbows, but my experience has been less than fun.  I follow the Ovia app for pregnancy updates, and I seem to get every symptom in the book.  Nausea and headaches have been the hardest part.  While I’m a little bit better, my symptoms take me down from time to time.  For any early-on pregnant ladies out there – hang in there.  It’s not just the first 12 weeks that can be hard.  It can be the first or 12, 14, 16 or 18 weeks – sometimes the whole pregnancy.  I finally had some relief around 18 weeks, but it’s still touch-and-go.

What’s been the most surprising part of pregnancy so far?

I’m so not myself!  As a total type-A planner with every detail mapped out to the max, I assumed I would want to research and plan all the things.  However, I’m totally opposite with pregnancy.  I’m not a research-a-holic for baby products.  I’m super go-with-the-flow and not really worried about anything.  All super unlike me, but I like it!  New Jen is kinda chill?

Are you finding out the gender?

Nope!  According to New, Chill Jen, we’d like to be surprised.  Who knew?  Matt wasn’t sold at first, and I waffled at the 16-week appointment, but he’s holding strong.  So we’re in it to win it.  Good news is we really don’t have a preference.  I genuinely would be so happy with either.  I’m an only child, and I am SO looking forward to a little buddy.  My very own little person to love, nurture, comfort and coach.  I also know what a planner I am, and thought if we know the gender of the baby, I might plan the whole thing out.  I’d rather have some surprise in there and keep this whole ‘New, Chill Jen’ thing going.

What do you think it is?

I flip back and forth all the time.  Some days I think it’s a baby boy.  Other days I think it’s a baby girl.  Depending on what wives’ tales you believe, it could be either.  I have dry hands (boy), but I’ve been super nauseous (girl).  I’ve been craving fruit (girl), but also love pickles (boy).  I picture Matt walking our little girl to school in semi-color coordinated outfits [I call him Ken doll for a reason], but then I see us playing catch and getting SUPER into baseball with a little boy.  Either way, it’s going to be awesome.  I can’t wait for new traditions and to see the world through a child’s eyes – my child’s eyes.  I’m already crazy about my nieces and nephews, so I can only imagine how my heart will explode with a baby of my own.

Are you showing?

Yes!  I popped around 16 weeks with a tiny bump.  Now at 19 weeks, I can rock maternity clothes and it doesn’t look I’ve only been living on a diet of steady Big Macs.  I’ve done my best to keep up with workouts and eat healthy, so I’m really running on the best ‘fuel’ possible because losing energy is certainly a thing.

Have you thought about names?

Yes!  We have thought about them and we have a boy name!  No, we’re not sharing it, but we’re super excited about it.  We have lead girl names, but it’s been a trickier one for us.  Matt & I love a handful of girl names, but being unique yet not too out there is a tough balance.  Luckily, we’re on the same page about names so it’s just a matter of finding the right one.  If you have recommendations, I’m all ears in the comments section below.

Have you designed the nursery yet?

Nope, and I don’t know if I’ll design one.  [Say, whaaaat?!]  To be totally honest, we rent right now.  We might buy.  We might not.  New, Chill Jen isn’t too worried about it.  I’m not too worried about having a perfect little nursery.  I envision the first three months to be managed chaos, and I’d actually like to get to know The Littlest Herrmannito’s personality before I design a space for him or her.  By three months, a baby really starts to show some key characteristics, and I want to get a sense of who they are before I decide on what their space looks like.  Ultimately, I think it will have more meaning to me.  To each their own though – no judgement on the people who want it all planned out.  I get that aspect, too.

So Girl Meets Party, a full-time job and now a baby, too?!

Girl [I’m assuming you’re a girl if you’re reading this far down the page], the struggle is real.  The tiredness of the first 12-14 weeks is insane.  I always thought I’d be superwoman and overcome it.  It turns out I am not superwoman and that could not be further than the truth.

Honestly, being so sick the first trimester (and now second) with such inconsistent symptoms have actually been a blessing for me.  Yes, I completely hate it at the moment; however, I’ve been forced to let go, get done what I can and go with the flow.  By week 6 of pregnancy (aka right after you find out), I had to change my ways of working with my team and start delegating more.  There was no way we’d survive if I hadn’t.  I used to work at least two nights a week from 7 am until midnight (with a work commute in there for an hour).  Those days are long gone.  For the most part, I no longer work nights.  It’s become all about what has to get done, what can I get done and who can help me get it done.  I no longer think about being perfect.  I think about keeping the ball moving forward.

What are your plans post-maternity leave?

Your guess is as good as mine.  I’m honestly not worrying about my career post-maternity leave.  I plan to maintain a schedule similar to what I have today, but I know there will have to be some sacrifices for baby.  I don’t know what those are, but I’m pretty sure my new best friend will let me know when he or she arrives in October.

I’d love to know what questions you have for me?  I’ll do my best to answer all of them either below or in new posts.



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