Where is Our Chicago Cottage Home?

If you’re watching the clock (like I am), you know we have 22 days to find our Chicago cottage home.  I’ll be honest with you, this home search is getting a bit daunting.  While it’s fun to tour homes (and share them with all of you!), I’m sooo ready to settle down!

I’m still a little shocked that we lost in a bidding war.  That completely caught me by surprise.  It felt intentional and the optimist in me thought we’d find the perfect house right after it.  But now the pressure is starting to build.  60 days out to find a home felt tight, but 22 days to find a Chicago cottage home?  Yikes, that feels real serious and a few four letter words come to mind when I think about it too long, ha!

I’ve been starting to wonder if it’s us?  We’re such practical people – almost to a fault.  We’ve studied the market so much that I wonder if we know too much?  Matt & I are really mindful of not overpaying or over-improving a house as financially conservative people.  I mean heck, we test ran my potential salary for nearly 18 months before I left my corporate job and took Girl Meets Party full-time.  We’re not the biggest risk takers; however, we’re also ready to get our hands dirty and do some work.

The thing is that we love a classic Chicago cottage home.  It’s what we’ve both envisioned.  They’re out there, but I’m learning they’re also almost all a little funky.  Whether they have an odd layout (like this one that we put an offer in on and then backed out) or like the house, we found last week.

The listing popped up on a street that Matt & I have agreed is one of the most magical streets in the city. We instantly went running over to see it.  Literally running.  You know us, we do our homework.  So we walked over, checked out the alley, and scoped out the exterior, which was in great shape.  There appeared to be a flagpole in the middle of the backyard, and I thought, ‘Well that’s an odd design choice.’ Below is a picture of it so you know what I’m talking about.  Beautiful backyard, right??  However, it turns out that wasn’t a flagpole.  It was the electrical pole where we would want to build a garage.

Like what the literal F?!  How do we keep finding these funky homes??  As it turns out, you could move the electrical pole.  However, first we’d have to call ComEd to request it (which I’m sure they’d come running right over, right?), then coordinate the other utility companies to move their wires and THEN we’d have to dig up the entire beautiful backyard to change the connection point.  No thanks!  But the house still went contingent in days.  So, now I’m thinking, OK what are we missing?  Is it us?  Or are we too practical?  I’m hoping it pays to be patient in this case.  Where oh where is our Chicago cottage home because time’s a tickin’ and we’re ready for it!  Here’s to hoping…

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