Café Appliances Review One Year Later

I’m finally sharing our Café appliances review one year after our home remodel.  We gut rehabbed our kitchen, and I shared the actual cost here.  One year later, we’re still in love with our appliances.  We debated white matte vs. stainless steel, and I am so grateful we went with matte white.  It’s the best!  Café appliances gifted us the appliances, but thoughts and opinions are my own below.  I’m sharing our Café appliances review because I’m inspired to do so because I get several emails a week asking for our feedback!

cafe appliances review

Matte White vs. Stainless Steel

cafe appliances review gold kitchen pendants

When we started searching for appliances, we instantly knew we wanted Café appliances.  Their appliances are stunning and I love their inspiration!  I’m so glad we opted with the matte white Café appliances!  I actually think it’s easier to keep clean than stainless steel.  We had stainless steel in our Lincoln Park condo, and matte white is so much easier!

It just wipes clean with soapy water and a clean cloth.  We have a two-year-old, so I know a thing or two about messes, and Café appliances matte white is super easy to keep clean.  We haven’t had any knicks and it does not show fingerprints.

French Door Refrigerator Café Appliances Review

cafe appliances review

We have the french door refrigerator and I love the look of it!  It is such a statement piece.  The refrigerator is so spacious.  It’s super easy to organize and the shelves move easily as well.  I found it easier to customize than other refrigerators we’ve had.  Plus, I really like the water dispenser inside because it creates a sleek design on the outside.  The drawers inside the fridge are perfect for dairy, veggies, and meat.  They are temperature-controlled and complete with LED lighting so every item is easy to find.

The freezer is deeper than you’d expect.  There are three different sections: a top pull-out drawer that seems deeper than other refrigerators, which also has an ice bin.  The lower bin is deep and I can fit weeks and weeks of food.

We change the water filter regularly (as recommend) and the filtration system works great as well.  If I had 1 thing I could change about our refrigerator, it’s that it’s against the wall (which is our kitchen’s fault).  Since the fridge is against the wall, I can’t fully open the right door.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s close to fully open and not a pain.  However, if I had the opportunity to move it elsewhere I would.

Smart Stainless Steel Dishwasher Café Appliances Review

I never thought I’d love a dishwasher until this one.  I think part of the reason I love it so much is because we were still in the bottle phase when we got it.  Our dishwasher has this awesome bottle feature where you can lay the nipples and pacifiers on this little top shelf.  I also use that same shelf for knives to keep them away from Emmie.  Aside from that the dishwasher has great organization.  You know how it takes a while how to efficiently fill a dishwasher?  Not with this one.  It’s been great!  The fold down tines make it really easy to fit bigger pots & pans.  My biggest recommendation is to use Finish detergent with it.  It makes a big difference.  The last notable difference is the diswasher is so quiet!  When we first tested it with our contractor after our home remodel, we couldn’t tell if it was working or not because it was so quiet, ha!


Smart Countertop Microwave Café Appliances Review

One of my favorite parts about Café appliances is the level of detail to their design, like this bar and the Café symbol.  I also love that every appliance has it’s own pleasant little chime.  So nice, right?  I actually don’t have a picture of our microwave in the kitchen because it’s built into our island, but it’s great!  No complaints.  We have

Commercial Style Hood & Range Café Appliances Review

cafe white matte range

I get the most amount of questions about our hood and the range.  First, I LOVE the double oven feature.  I think that’s my favorite part of all of the features of our appliances… No, that’s a lie.  Preheating the oven through the app is my favorite feature, but this is a close second.  We have only had a positive experience with our range.  The fan on the hood isn’t too loud and works well.  I don’t find it to be any louder than other hoods we’ve had.

As far as the range, the 6 burners are really nice.  The front left burner is a power burner, but I find them all to cook evenly and they’re easy to turn on.  The grates clean really well.  I often run them through the dishwasher.  We do have some light scrating on our stainless steal in the corners, but, to me, that’s general wear and tear.  The oven is pretty spacious, too.  The top oven can hold one shelf of food where as the bottom you can fit two shelves (or a turkey for example).  I’m really grateful that the outside of the oven never gets hot.  Having a little one makes made me nervous at first, but it’s always been cool to the touch outside.

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